… as Donna
Release: 2011-Present



Small, Beautifully Moving Parts

… as Emily
Release: 2011



Brothers & Sisters “A Righteous Kiss”

… as Gloria Pierson-Davenport
Release: When



Bones “The Foot in the Foreclosure”

… as Katie Selnick
Release: Nov 12th 2009



Numb3ers “7 Men Out”

… as Margo
Release: Oct 9th 2009



Law and Order Criminal Intent “Passion”

… as Sandra Dunbar/Sandra O’Bannon
Release: July 12th 2009



Four Single Fathers

… as Julia
Release: 2009



Samantha Who ‘So I Think I Can Dance’

… as Kayla Kaminski
Release: Oct 13th 2008



What if God Were the Sun

… as Rachel
Release: 2007



Football Wives

… as Kelly Cooper
Release: 2007



Falling from Grace

… as Sydney
Release: 2006



8 Simple Rules ‘A Very C.J. Christmas’

… as Danielle
Release: Dec 17th 2004



Second Time Around

… as Daphne Fitzgerald
Release: 2004



Soccer Dog: European Cup

… as Cora Stone
Release: 2004



DCharmed ‘The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell’

… as Cora Stone
Release: Feb 8th 2004



CSI ‘Eleven Angry Jurors ‘

… as Terry Minden
Release: Jan 8th 2004



Charmed ‘The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell’

… as Cora Stone
Release: Feb 8th 2004



Good Morning, Miami ‘The Ex Games’

… as Lila
Release: Oct 28th 2003




… as Dr. Casey Matthews
Release: 2003



The Practice ” Heroes and Villains”

… as Judy Wilson
Release: April 21st 2003



Six Feet Under “The Eye Inside”

… as Rachel Mortimer
Release: March 16th 2003



Without a Trace “The Friendly Skies”

… as Dr. Patty Morrison
Release: 2003



The District “Small Packages”

… as Sally
Release: 2002



CSI Miami “Breathless”

… as Melissa Starr
Release: 2002



Third Watch “Crash and Burn”

… as Kelly
Release: 2002




… as Nurse
Release: 2002



Walker, Texas Ranger “Desperate Measures”

… as Laura Pope
Release: 2002



Mambo Café

… as Amy
Release: 2000



Law and Order “Ambitious

… as Jennifer Shaliga
Release: 1999




… as Sarah
Release: 1998

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