New Sarah interview with Holt Review
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FOR A MOMENT, WHEN YOU FIRST MEET SARAH RAFFERTY IN PERSON, YOU FORGET HER NAME ISN’T ACTUALLY DONNA. It’s likely the brilliant red coif. It’s also likely because Donna Paulsen, Rafferty’s character on the hard-hitting legal drama Suits, is one of the most likable, amusing and quick-witted characters on television right now. And aside from the fact that Rafferty proclaims she’d be a lousy secretary (Donna’s decided life calling), the two have a lot in common.

It was a role she’d been working towards for the majority of her life. “I was in the sixth grade when I was in my first play. And I was pretty much in every other school play after that,” she says. From an extensive theatre program at her boarding school in Massachusetts near Boston, Rafferty went on to study drama at Oxford and Yale. It was in between stage performances that she landed her small-screen break, what is now one of the most iconic commercial gigs — for Herbal Essences. “That’s right, I had an orgasm on TV. It was the late ’90s and that was a game changer,” she says.


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